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Donnie Tinsley
Founder/Tinsley Family Martial Arts

Donnie and Amy Tinsley

About Coach Tinsley

Donnie Tinsley is a native to the Albemarle area. He was born in Elizabeth City, NC and has taught and trained locally since 1994. He is a Christian and martial artist with three children of his own. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology and teaches with a scientific approach to Martial Arts. He has studied Martial Arts for 2/3's of his life and along that journey developed a passion for teaching and studying many styles of Martial Arts. He is the official Non-lethal Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Currituck County Sheriff's Department and private instructor to the SWAT team. He is a certified referee with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) . In addition to his college and martial arts education, Coach Tinsley, having completed the required Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Specialist Training, bodybuilding specialist training and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Training, is an Elite Trainer with the ISSA (International Sports Science Assocation). Below is a list of instructors he has trained with and gained experience as well as his ranking in the various arts. Feel free to contact any of these people directly to verify Master Tinsley's credentials. In addition to group classes at Tinsley Family Martial Arts, Coach Tinsley also offers Personal Training and Private Lessons to suit any specialized needs. He is the only certified fitness trainer in the area who is certified to teach Muay Thai and Brazlian Jiu-jitsu. ​ Prof Donnie's Instructors: Master Luiz Palharez - 8th Dan Red/White Belt Gracie Jiu-jitsu Grand Master Missy Cann - 7th Dan Belt Kukkiwon Taekwondo AJarn Buck Grant - Founder Muay Thai University/Pro Fighter ​Current Ranks: 5th Degree Black Belt - World Taekwondo/Kukkiwon 1st Degree Black Belt-Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Kru Muay - Buck Grant Muay Thai University 3rd Degree Black Belt - Hapkido Current Affiliations: Luiz Palhares Gracie Jiu-jitsu Association WTA - World Taekwondo Academy Kukkiwon - World Taekwondo Headquarters ISSA International Sports Science Association Events: IBJJF Pan 2020 Competitor Featured Live on Flo Grappling Founded and promoted 11 MMA Events with the Amateur Fight League AFLMMA Coached as a corner man in 4 Tough Man Events Coached 3 AFL MMA Champions Coached 1 King of the Ring Champion Coached 1 Modern Gladiators Champion Fought in Battle of the Beach MMA Fought IKF Full Contact Kickboxing Fought Muay Thai Modern Gladiators FC #1 Contender for KOTR/MG Muay Thai Champship 2009 Placed 2nd CDKA Taekwondo Nationals 2009 Placed 2nd Monster Cup Jiu-Jitsu Expert Gi Championship 2014 Placed 2nd NAGA VA Beach Expert Gi Division 2013 IBJJF 2015 Atlanta Winter Open - 3rd Brown Belt Division IBJJF 2018 Atlanta Winter Open - 2nd Brown Belt Division IBJJF 2019 Atlanta Winter Open - Black Belt Masters 2 Division IKF Kickboxing and more... Attended seminars: Pat Miletich Bas Rutten Benny Urquidez Chuck Liddell Gene Lebel Jens Pulver Spencer Fisher and more...

Donnie Tinsley and Luiz Palhares
Donnie and Grand Master Missy Cann
Kru Donnie and Ajarn Buck Grant
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