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Parents Toolkit on Bullying PLUS "Free Kids Class Pass"

In order for children to learn how to stand up against bullying, they need the help of the adults in their lives. Parents, teachers, family members, coaches and others in the community can have a powerful impact on children's attitudes toward bullying and how they will respond if they experience or are witness to it. But it can be challenging for adults to know when typical childhood conflict turns into a pattern of bullying...

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In this ToolKit:

We focus on resources for parents

That explore the problem of childhood bullying and provide strategies for helping their children.

At TFMA Academy we take seriously 

Our role in helping to develop strong, healthy, positive, service-oriented members of communities through all the benefits that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers.

BONUS: Free Class Pass For Your Child

In our classes, kids are Introduce to and role-play within scenarios designed to prepare them to recognize and appropriately respond to potential dangers. Not only our Jiu Jitsu classes will help your family to deal with Bullying bu tour program is designed to support your children in every area: School, Home, Health, and Play by addressing four key elements: Bullying, Childhood Obesity, Stranger Safety and Home Safety.

BullyProof Your Child

With TFMA Academy