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Our Beginner Muay Thai Kickoxing classes in Elizabeth City and Hertford, NC Focus on Physical Conditioning, Cardiovascular Health, and Effective Offensive and Defensive Techniques.

Take your fitness, self defense and Muay Thai boxing skills to the next level

You Don't Have to be a MMA or UFC Fighter In the Ring To Get In Shape, Feel  and Look Good!

Who are some of the most conditioned athletes, with the best physiques in the world? Take a glance at Martial Artists, Muay Thai Kickboxers, and Mixed Martial Artists. What do all of them have in common and how will this apply to the non-competitor?

1.    Muscle Endurance:  The training involved in making an athlete able to perform repeated tasks. Besides the obvious health benefit involved with these exercises the benefit of your appearance are obvious. This is often referred to as toning in the fitness community.

2.    Cardio Vascular Endurance:  This is obtained by training the body to work at its’ highest efficiency by exercising the heart and lungs so that they will be able to provide the energy to the muscles to perform the desired.  Calories are consumed as the fuel for the body therefore creating weight loss.

3.    Strength:  The function of each necessary muscle group is increased. In most cases this slightly enlarges the muscles. This is why the muscle begins to show coupled with the Cardio and Muscle Endurance the visibility of muscles becomes apparent, as well as lowering the visibility of fat.

4.    Flexibility:  Unlike your typical recreational weightlifter, Muay Thai Kickboxing exercises always require that the athlete stay limber enough to perform the range of motion needed to perform the task at hand.

5.    Weight Control: This in an integral part of any activity, especially in combat sports. Athletes normally need to maintain a certain weight to stay in their desired weight classification.

Now Is The Time To Take Control Of Your Own Destiny!

     Your shape and current physical condition does not matter to us. You do not need to know anything at all about Muay Thai. All you need is a...

Eagerness To Learn

     If you are positive, dedicated and consistent, our beginners' Muay Thai boxing program will show you results much faster than you thought possible. With our Muay Thai boxing classes in Elizabeth City, NC not only will you lose weight, but you'll also...

* Experience the mental and physical "rush" that comes with Muay Thai Kickboxing training (not only is it exciting, but it's a whole lot of FUN too!)

* Get into kick-butt shape - and FAST many of the world's strongest and best-conditioned athletes are Muay Thai fighters

* Develop "functional muscles" not bulky do-nothing muscles 

* Learn a Thai kickboxing fighting system with an organized curriculum that takes the "guess work" out of learning how to fight Thai boxing

* Let loose and Lower your stress and anxiety level with physical training and boost confidence with partner drills

*Learn the basic fundamental principles and techniques you need to have in order to improve for fighting as quickly as possible

  Tinsley Family Martial Arts  will help to increase your longevity and to maximize the positive impacts of physical and mental activities. Our Thai Kickboxing classes provides that and more: physical activity tailored to your fitness level that is enjoyable and commitment-based to ensure your continued training, that will snowball into a healthful mind and body lifestyle.

Why choose us?  

Coach Tinsley is the ONLY certified Muay Thai/Kickboxing instructor in Elizabeth City, NC. Many have tried to copy our system.  Don't be fooled by imposters!  Anyone can stand back and shout out combinations on a bag.  If your coach/instructor hasn't actually trained Muay Thai/kickboxing for atleast 5-10 years under an Ajarn (Muay Thai Master Level Instructor) you are in the wrong place.  Always check your instructor's credentials.  With the popularity of fitness classes and the UFC many fitness coaches have tried to "jump on the bandwagon" and use the words "Muay Thai" and "kickboxing."  These coaches are not properly trained and could possibly teach you something that may result in serious injury.  Coach Tinsley has real ring/cage experience.  He has fought in IKF Kickboxing, Modern Gladiators, and several other events.  He has been training/teaching in Elizabeth City since 1998. He is also a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer though the International Sports Science Assosiation (ISSA). With over 20+ years of teaching experience we can show you not only how to defend yourself but how to use Muay Thai/kickboxing to get in shape, safely, so that you can continue to train for years on end, injury free!

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*1 30 minute private session
*1 60 minute group sessions
*Free 16 0z training gloves when you enroll

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Locations and Schedule
Elizabeth City: 306 W Grice Street

Every Monday & Wednesday 7:00 pm

Hertford: 117 Market Street

Every Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 pm 

and 9:00 am

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