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Tinsley Family Martial Arts

Martial Arts Instruction in Elizabeth City & Hertford, NC

 New to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? That’s GREAT!
We specialize in working with people who have NEVER set foot
 on a mat before! In fact, over 95% of our students come to us
with ZERO jiu-jitsu experience.

Our masterfully planned curriculum guarantees that anyone can learn and
 excel in jiu-jitsu.
We have many different classes to suit EVERY level of student, from the
person who has never tried any martial art, to the most seasoned BJJ, MMA, or UFC
competitor, we have the class for you!

Tinsley Family Martial Arts provides WORLD CLASS BJJ instruction,  Muay Thai,
 and self defense training for men, women, teens and children of all
ages, ability and experience levels.

Some of you may be asking…

“I’m a brand new beginner and I’m not a competitor, why do I need to train with the best?”
 Great Question! Top quality instruction isn’t just about competition, in fact, less than 10% of our students actively compete! Top quality instruction is all about YOUR SAFETY and YOUR SUCCESS! Learning the correct technique right from the start will guarantee the safest learning environment for you and your teammates as well as ensure you that you aren’t wasting your time learning bad habits that you’ll have to break in the future.

You owe it to yourself to come in and try it out for FREE!

GIVE IT A TRY – FOR FREE! We believe that Brazilian jiu jitsu is for everyone.
That’s why we invite you to try it out completely RISK FREE with ZERO OBLIGATIONS.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY IMITATIONS! Tinsley Family Martial Arts is the ONLY academy in the Elizabeth City area that is owned and operated by an affiliated Luiz Palhares Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Assocation and IBJJF certified Brown Belt, Donald Tinsley, and founded on the teaching principles and philosophy of legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners from the Gracie Family, with direct training lineage through 7th Degree Red/Black Belt, Master Luiz Palhares.

Contact us today to receive your free introductory course.  

Intro course consists of:

1 30 minute private lesson

2 60 minute group lessons

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